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Featured Twitterer: Geekinwhite

Upclose&Personal with Geekinwhite

How long have you been tweeting?

I registered way back when it first started. I registered on Dec 15, 2006. So as of this moment my age on Twitter is 3 years, 4 months, 3 weeks, 5 days, 10 hours, 39 minutes, 59 seconds.

What do you use Twitter for?

Mostly to promote local happenings. I’m a food blogger and I run the BruneiFoodies tumblr so I get Brunei tweeterers to share me the food they’ve been having via @bruneifoodies twitter. On my personal account (@marul69), I use it to interact with my friends and topics varies from silly jokes and local happenings. It is also where I share my post in my personal tumblr, geekinwhite as it is sync to tweet every post I posted on it. You’ll also see tweets about my location as I’m active in Foursquare. At the same time, I also admin two other work related accounts, @simpur ( and @kristalfm (

How many of your friends are on Twitter?

Real friends that I know personally? Probably less than a 100. Followers wise I have 557.

Name your top 3 Twitter celebrities.

One thing I’m happy for is that Ellen DeGeneres (@theellenshow) follows me on Twitter! I think 2nd would have to be @ladygaga and as for the third one… errmm..can i say @borneocolours? Hehe..

Recommend for us 2 people to follow.

@bruneitweet & @bruneifoodies

Why should I follow you?

Well if you like randomness, like to learn whats new & happening in the internet, loves celebrity gossips, then I’m your man. If you’re on a diet, then maybe it’ll be quite a challenge as I tweet about food quite a lot. I also love posting oldskool videos on my Kickin’ It Oldskool tumblrwhich is also linked to my personal twitter.

What is your favourite food?

I would say Roti Telur or Murtabak. Oh and two half-boiled eggs with Milo Ice on the side.

Any places in Brunei that are worth tweeting about?

There’s quite a lot good eating spots in Brunei. I’m slowly trying to build a Dining Guide on my BruneiFoodies Tumblr so that everyone from outside Brunei knows where to go to eat if they’re ever in town.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Happy-go-lucky. Reserved. Thinker.

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