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April Update from

Dear Friends of Borneo,

Greetings from! “BC” is now half a year old! It feels like we started all this couple of weeks ago.

There is so much to do and so little time. However, in spirit of true bornean we’ll continue work hard and have fun while improving what was started.

We thank you for your constructive comment, feedback but most of all your friendship and continuous support to be part of a community that share the same value and goodwill to promote borneo island together. We encourage you to continue invite the world community to be a bcbuddy as this will help others to know and understand borneo island better as well as showcase the colours of borneo to the world.

As for us here, we will continuously improve and upgrade the portal so you can better maximise the use of  provided tools and applications as well as create opportunities for our members to be rewarded. Currently, we are developing reward system that will benefit bcbuddies throughout the globe.

On the regional perspective, we would like to welcome our project associates based at Miri and Kuching, Sarawak and several others that will officially come on board in couple of months specifically from Labuan, Brunei and Kalimantan.

Following are several key updates that you might want to share it with your friends.

Borneo Bloggers Awards

The qualifying period for the contest ends on the 15th of May – only a little over a month away! For those who have just found out about the contest, it’s still not too late. As a reminder, to qualify you do the following:

1. Register on (free)
2. Add your blog to the Borneo Blog Directory
3. Collect 250 karma points.

Don’t be intimidated by that last step! It’s quite easy to earn those points if you don’t try too hard to get a whole lot at once – just have fun and take your time to interact and share with the community, – DAILY!!

Borneo Bloggers Directory

Ever siince  we started BC Borneo Blogger Award, many bloggers have registered their blog with If your a blogger but do not plan to participate the blogging competition, we encourage you to register and invite other bornean bloggers to do so as this will help promote bornean blogging community. Our role are to promote your blog and in near future help you effectively make money by blogging.


As part of our obligation to promote borneo island, we have team up with an awesome production team to produce borneo related content and recently completed an exciting travel documentary project. Updates will be shared from time to time.

Wild Man of Borneo : The Ultimate Adventurer

(Borneo Collaborative Marketing Initiative)

This most anticipating collaborative marketing initiative which is expected to create global exposure on Borneo island is gearing up for Regional Press Conference in due time. Stay Tuned!!

Facebook Fan Page

We recently put up a Facebook Fan Page! If you’re on Facebook, do join to show your friends what they’ve been missing! For those who are members of our Facebook group, we encourage you to switch over to our Facebook page.

Updates on BC Portal!!

BC have gone through several minor updates and changes since day one, this happen as we structured the module based on what we can deliver, what is needed by our members and what we wish to surprise them with. Within few months since January Updates, following changes happen;

Category for Creative in Motion was move out of BC portal temporarily as we are reworking on it to improve its use and functions.

We have build up a category called bc-community at this was design as a community lounge to feature bcbuddy, bcblogger and a bctwitterer every 15 days. Within this category, we put up chat box and BC twitter updates.

We recently put up blogger feed at however needed for time to improve this section so it would help to promote bc bloggers effectively. stay tuned!

Check out Borneo Island largest online business directory at

Check out what screening today at your local cinema on and review your favourite movies online

New Chat Bar functions: You can now check twitter updates, facebook fans and share BC content to the rest of the web with a click.

Once you have registered, your officially a bcbuddy. Get yourself updated by adding new application such as twitter updates, blog feed and friend’s location at

If you ever still in doubt and dont know what to share or how to share content in borneocolours visit and click on the various submission instruction to find out more.

We hope you find this updates informative and we thank you for your support. We look forward to grow with you and just like the famous phrase “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” lets come together, be proud to be bornean and promote the colours of our beautiful island together as a community.

Best Regards,

Team BorneoColours

© 2013

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