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January Update from

Dear Friends of Borneo,

Greetings from! (BC) portal is now 3 Months 15 Days old now. We got so much to learn and so much to improve. We thank you for continuous support and registering as the founding member in our portal. Please continue share your new found experiences to your friend from within or out of the borneo Island.

While there is still many more hurdle that we will go through in completing the portal, please share with us your constructive criticism so we can continue fixing and improving the portal for you. As a matter of fact, we enjoy the sleepness night : )


The Community and the portal is growing every single day. Find out;


1.What is what the latest hot Item for sale or getlisted in our MarketPlace

2.Get yourself hired or why not learn how to be a boss in Education, Job & Career

3.Show off you talents at Creative In Motion

4.Share your Borneo travel experiences or get help from the Travel Guide.

5.Find out what everyone is talking about in The Buzz

6.Use our Social Networking Tool and be a BCBUDDY.

Yes it true, it is all here in! Check us out again today and tell your friends while your at it.

Here are some updates and activities that we are sure you will be interested in;

Chat all you can!

BCBUDDY Chat has finally ARRIVED!The portal now have an interesting CHAT tool. It’s a crossbreed between facebook chat, skype, Msn, MIRC & YM. You can now create your own chatroom with this tool too. Can’t imagine how does this CHAT tool looks like? Login today to find out more.

BorneoColours Borneo Bloggers Award

This will be the first ever blog awards by recognizing outstanding bloggers from Borneo. In order to make these awards worthwhile, we will be running a 5 month process allowing you to be eligible for nomination and campaigning.

Towards the end, special invitations will be sent out to winners in each category, lucky bloggers and VIPs for a Exclusive 3 Days 2 Nights Mystery Getaway and an Awards Night Party to announce the Top Blogger of Borneo who will walk away with RM10,000.


During our recent upgrading, we encounter several challenges. Eventually the listing of all registered users who applied to be nominated for the Borneo Bloggers Award disappeared.

To ensure that you are still eligible to be nominated for the AWARD, please ensure that your Blog is in the BORNEO BLOGGERS DIRECTORY. Make sure that you completed STEP 1 to STEP 6 as stated at

Due to this unforeseen technical difficulties, we will be giving everyone a fighting chance to walk away with Ten Thousand Malaysian Ringgit, I repeat, RM10K. You now are required to accumulate only 250 karma point in and we are moving the closing date forward to 15th May 2010 to allow for nomination and campaigning.

Borneo.TV will soon be sharing its own Official Video Content on Borneo.TV at , Better still we will run it on HD (High Definition) format. You too can now share your favorite video in the portal through the Shared Video Application on BCBUDDY. Show off the colours of borneo to the world.

Wild Man of Borneo : The Ultimate Adventurer

Borneo Collaborative Marketing Initiative

Two months ago, the interest in making this bold project successful have multiple. We are now in the stage of collaborating with more partners and adjusting the PR Strategy so it would have much wider and bigger reach for a global audience.Nevertheless, We have now announce how you can send in your application video win a Free Adventure Holiday in Borneo and claim the title as the “Wild Man of Borneo : The Ultimate Adventurer”.

Further information and updates can be found at

Thank you for your continuous support and goodwill to promote borneo to the world together as a community.

Best Regards,

BorneoColours Team

© 2013

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