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Featured BCBuddy: Nancy

Upclose&Personal with Nancy

Why do you hang out at BC?

sharing, get new friends, the prize that might come with it?:)

If your a man, who would you be? Why?

zac efron? haha..cute bah. n i could dance haha:).

Describe yourself in five words?

petite, friendly, loveable, aNimal – lover,married:)

If you were a cat, what would you say to humans?

“miaaaawwwww..means so many things next time look at our body language and our eyes when we miawwww. it might means we hungry..or just plainmanja” what i guess my cats would have said to me:)

Top five must-visit places in Sabah that you recommend.

1.Mt Kinabalu
2.Tip of Borneo
3.TAR Park
4.Sipadan island
5.Kundasang highland

If you were the Prime Minister of Malaysia, what is the first priority?

ReLgious freedom

Would you describe yourself as sexy?

sometimes. depends on the mood, not on the appearance.:)

Share as your best advice you given to a close friend.

“everything happens for a reoson”

Who do you love the most in the world?

My family n hubbi n God

Draw a portait of yourself doing stuff that makes you excited.

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