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Borneo Island known to be a mystical and an adventurous destination. To those that have visited Borneo, they often discover that she is not just a paradise but a land that is filled with undiscovered places of interest, events, musicians , craftsmen, performing arts, writers, stories, directors and other various talented professional and thriving industries, all of which we refer them as “The Colours of Borneo”.

The Borneans speaks many language and dialect and lives among various tribes and races. The island is shared among three countries that include Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. Despite the political and geographical boundaries, the people share similar land mass, cultural practices, hope, aspiration and dreams. Yet, most of the time they are also strangers to each other. was launched in January 1, 2010. Back then, so many people think that it is an unpractical initiative while some have thought that we can’t do it. The portal have undergone numerous makeover and system improvement. Over time and often we try our very best to bring clarity to our intention and desires in creating this portal, so many times our REASONS are misunderstood.

However, being a true Bornean our team are determine and remain passionate in what we believe. After much discussion and being inspired by Simon Sinek, team BorneoColours have come up with a Purpose Statement. We hope to bring more understanding and support toward our passion and our goals. Give yourself an opportunity to know our community better as we look forward to know you too.
Our Purpose & Mission Statement


  • To encourage Creative Content Development
  • To encourage sharing of contents that matter
  • To promote peace, understanding and constructive dialogue among Borneans
  • To support conservation initiative, indigenous & social activism
  • To promote business services & social entreprenuership
  • To give voice to those that cannot


  • Establishing as the Official Online Media for Bornean
  • Actively engaged with various communities throughout Borneo
  • Promote & advocate through online media
  • Establish needed mechanism and building partners
  • Promote Borneo as a single branded destination on a common portal


  • We are the People of Borneo Island
  • We are a Borneo Based Social Enterprise that uses web based technology and Social Media.
  • We are the platform for anything and everything Borneo


How can we work together?

Event Coverage

Have an event that you would like to promote? Share it with us  and we will help you spread the news on our website. Having media coverage will create awareness and enthusiasm for your organization and its endeavors.


Community Engagement

Our strength is social media engagement. We could help you to strengthen your online presence/activity and connect  you to our member database and business network that is relevant to what you do or need.

We love running campaigns and the idea for collaboration and be engaged with projects that brings benefit for the community and the environment.



Download our website advertisement rates, please contact us for more details.


Contact Info (wholly owned by Rapidea Solution Sdn. Bhd.)

Lot 13.1, 1st Floor,

Lorong Lintas Plaza, Lintas Plaza,

88300 Kota Kinabalu

Sabah, Malaysia.

Tel: +6088 240 068

Fax: +6088 240 067




Warmest Regards,

Tom Bonius
Head, Community & Web Development

© 2013

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