Write in for today’s Terms of Reference deadline for Tanjung Aru beach

Tanjung Aru beach at sunset. Photo via Save Tanjung Aru Beach Facebook page

Tanjung Aru beach at sunset. Photo via Save Tanjung Aru Beach Facebook page

KOTA KINABALU, Jul 22, 2014: The Sabah Environmental Protection Association (SEPA) urged members of the public to have their voices heard by writing in to the the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) by today’s 22nd July 2014 deadline.

“This is your opportunity to be heard by the EPD and you can do so by going down to their office in Wisma Budaya or email or fax them,” said SEPA Secretary, Julia Hwong.

A facebook group known as Save Tanjung Aru Beach (https://www.facebook.com/savetanjungarubeach) has provided clear instructions and sample letters to send to EPD via email, fax or writing in on the matter of the Terms of Reference (ToR) Tanjung Aru Eco Development (TAED) project.

“Yes, this is short notice but the guidance on the Facebook page will ease the process of making the comments,” urged Hwong in a statement today.

The Terms of Reference is the first step before the Special Environmental Impact Assesment (SEIA) process begins.

“Even if you just want to write in to reject the project based on what you read in the ToR, this is the time to do it,” stated Hwong





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