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Poaching of sea turtle in Pulau Tiga, Tun Mustapha Park, Kudat – When will it end?

Pulau Tiga, Kudat – the killing field of sea turtles Stories about sea turtle poaching have been told and circulated by islanders for many years. Many people brushed it as unsubstantiated, “so and so stories” from eyewitness, a mere rumour or a rural legend. But what I saw in Pulau Tiga last week (March 2014) made me realized that the problem of sea turtle hunting is actually real. At the tip of the island ...

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Wildlife poaching, Bush Meat markets and Elephant killing: Why is it still happening?

By James M. Alin The year 2013 will go down to the annals of history as Annus horribilis. The gruesome dead of 14 Borneo pygmy elephants (near Gunung Lara Forest Reserves) will not be easily forgotten nor can the killers be forgiven.  It was a horrible year; bush meat was sold in the broad day light while poachers were flaunting the laws. Bush Meat markets During operation on 11 December 2013, Sabah Wildlif ...

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ETP project destroying virgin mangroves in Pitas

By James M. Alin, The clearing of Mangrove forest in Pitas, Sabah: Who is responsible? The wanton destruction of 4,000 acres (or 1,600 hectares) mangroves in Pitas Peninsula has in a way spoilt our mood for celebrating Christmas and New Year. It is a dark moment in the living memory of the hardcore poor villagers residing in the vicinity of Sungai Telaga area in Pitas particularly Kampung Sungai Eloi, Kampu ...

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Will Transpacific Business Partnership harm Sabah economy?

Will Transpacific Business Partnership (TPP) harm Sabah economy? I say no but civil society says yes on all accounts. Civil society is discontented with free trade (TPP) for the following reasons; negotiations are shrouded with secrets. Terms and conditions are not available to the public. Info on officials’ web is too scanty. MITI organized pockets of discussion to hear the public. There is no evidence to ...

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