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East Kalimantan drug smuggling arrests highlight porous state of borders

BALIKPAPAN, Mar 18, 2014: Discoveries of two instances of drug smuggling from Malaysia through the North Kalimantan border, revealed by the East Kalimantan branch of the government’s anti-narcotics agency, show that Indonesia’s borders are still prone to being breached, with officials saying that activities in the area were difficult to monitor because of the proliferation of small fishing ports. “Go around ...

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In Kalimantan, orangutans still rare sight

KALIMANTAN, Jan 28: Though the orangutan is a species endemic to Kalimantan, not all of the island’s residents have seen it firsthand. Many nature lovers claim to have never come into contact with the primate, let alone ordinary people. For Christian Willy, 17, his quest to see the ape in the wild has not yet been fruitful. As a member of the Bentangor Volunteers for Conservation (RebonK), he and his collea ...

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Kalimantan’s Juhu a Mountainous Treasure

As the second largest island in Indonesia, Kalimantan has a number of fascinating destinations to satisfy an adventurer’s soul. One of these less traveled destinations is Juhu village, which is found in the outback of the Meratus mountains. To reach this uncharted village in the middle of South Kalimantan province, one must trek through the dense natural rainforests at an altitude of 560 meters above sea le ...

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Anti drug movement urges East Kalimantan district to impose Urine Test on Civil Servants

SAMARINDA, EAST KALIMANTAN, Nov 1: An anti drug national movement in the district of Paser, East Kalimantan, has urged the district administration to rule that all civil servants in the district undergo urine tests, Indonesia's Antara news agency reported. "The test is to make sure that all civil servants in the district are free from drug abuses," Antara quoted the movement chairman in Paser, Utuh Mahni, a ...

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Sumatran rhinos found in Kalimantan

EAST KALIMANTAN: A joint monitoring team, consisting the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Indonesia and West Kutai administration, discovered undisputable evidence of the presence of Sumatran rhinos in West Kutai, East Kalimantan, caught through video traps. “This physical evidence is important to the development of Indonesia’s rhino conservation efforts,” said Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan on Wednesday, as quo ...

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Massive increase in turtle egg thefts in East Kalimantan

BALIKPAPAN: Conservation activists have warned of a massive increase in thefts of turtle eggs in the past month from a key nesting island off East Kalimantan’s Berau district, as locals continue to defy a ban on the practice. Rusli Andar, the coordinator for WWF Indonesia’s East Kalimantan marine program, said on Tuesday that around 4,000 eggs were being stolen from the beaches of the ostensibly protected S ...

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Water Taxi explosion in South Kalimantan claimed 6 lives

KOTABARU, SOUTH KALIMANTAN: At least six people died when a water taxi exploded in South Kalimantan’s Kotabaru district on Wednesday. The PLM Setia Budi was carrying a dozen passengers from Panjang Port to Geronggang when, for unknown reasons, the boat exploded at 11 a.m. local time, according to reports by the state-run Antara News Agency. Five people were rescued and rushed to Kotabaru Hospital for treatm ...

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Homeless Elephants Haunt North Kalimantan Village

NUNUKAN, KALIMANTAN: Villagers in North Kalimantan’s Nunukan district say a group of elephants has been encroaching on their land and destroying their crops for the past five days, a claim that conservationists say indicates that the endangered animals are being driven out of their habitat. Putra Sinar Jaya, the head of Sekaduyan Taka village in Simenggaris subdistrict, said on Tuesday that the group of thr ...

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