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Google Glass to expand features into music

Nov 13:  Google is to expand the features for its futuristic Google Glass to include music. When Glass loads it will now display “listen to” among its standard voice commands, so that users can search for songs, scan through saved playlists, as well as stream music through Google Play. Users will be able to link their Play accounts to give them access to song recommendations and playlists based on what they ...

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GDG DevFest Brunei to help growth of local ICT industry

BRUNEI DARUSSALAM, Nov 10: With the rapid growth of ICT, people are always eager to adapt to the changing and emerging technologies, therefore there is a need to move beyond users – to being creators, developers and innovators. The statement was shared by Deputy Permanent Secretary (IT and E-Government) at the Prime Minister’s Office, Awang Adi Shamsul bin Awang Haji Sabli in his welcoming remarks as the gu ...

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Ton of apps ready for Google Glass

Google Glass isn't even officially out yet, but apps for the Internet-connected eyewear are popping up all over the web. Google officially only offers five apps: Google+, Gmail, Google Now, The New York Times, and Path. But that's not stopping early Glass adopters from creating their own apps. "Google hasn't provided an official channel for app discovery (yet - there's a lot of speculation about the role of ...

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Google Glasses are Water-Resistant?

The Google Glass, which overlays digital information in the real world, could be water-proof, as a well known technology and social media personality has discovered. Even though Google Chairman Eric Schmidt had said that there might be some places where the glasses might not be best to wear, technology expert Robert Scoble found that his personal shower is not one of those places, reports ABC News. Scoble, ...

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